Coconut Smoothie Bowl – Clean Cooking with Caitlin

Looking for nutritious, yet refreshing summer breakfast ideas? I have something for you! My coconut smoothie bowl is the perfect treat for those hotter summer days. Made with just four ingredients (coconut meat and water, Greek yogurt and banana), this coconut-based smoothie bowl can be very easily personalized: choose the toppings you like the most … Read more

Spinach Smoothie (made with tropical fruit!)

This tropical spinach smoothie is packed with greens, tropical fruit, and other simple ingredients. Blend everything together until it is thick and creamy. It makes the perfect healthy breakfast. Healthy Spinach Smoothie There is no reason to drink a spinach smoothie that actually tastes like spinach, people. Make yourself a delicious healthy smoothie and enjoy … Read more

Spirulina Smoothie (Tropical flavor) – Clean Cooking with Caitlin

❤️❤️Make sure you remember to sign up for my Newsletter and follow me on social ❤️❤️! The Summer heat is here, and what better way to beat it than with my energizing Spirulina Smoothie! I’ve been experimenting with a lot of different powders and supplements to help energize me and manage my anxiety. Finally, I … Read more

Chocolate Berry Smoothie (Pegan diet-friendly, weight loss)

This delicious Chocolate Berry Smoothie is Pegan-diet compliantgreat for weight loss, and general nutrition! Ideal for breakfast or as a quick snack on the go, you can enjoy all the benefits from this vegan and paleo smoothie without compromising on taste. What makes this Chocolate Berry Smoothie so healthy? This Chocolate Berry Smoothie is complete … Read more

Chocolate Cherry Almond Smoothie (Pegan diet-friendly, weight loss)

Cherry Chocolate Almond Smoothie: a Pegan-diet compliant smoothie, super thick and creamy and great for weight loss! This smoothie is perfect as a quick and healthy breakfast, but can also be consumed as a dessert when you crave something more rich and decadent. Which ingredients are contained in the Chocolate Cherry Almond Smoothie? The stars … Read more

Berry and Beet Smoothie (vegan, nutrient-dense)

This Berry and Beet Smoothie is Pegan-diet compliant, nutrient-dense, and great for weight loss. With minimal effort, you will have a healthy and delicious breakfast or snack! Why is the Berry and Beet Smoothie good for you? This amazing Berry and Beet Smoothie contain some of the most nutritious and wholesome ingredients for our overall … Read more

Matcha Green Smoothie (vegan, high-protein)

This delicious Matcha Green Smoothie is Pegan-diet compliant, dairy-freeand high in proteinwhich makes it an ideal post-workout snack! What ingredients are contained in the Matcha Green Smoothie? This Matcha Green Smoothie is jam-packed with super-foods. Let’s see which are the main ones. First is matcha powder, a Japanese green tea powder made from finely powdered … Read more

Tropical Green Smoothie (healthy & delicious)

The ULTIMATE Tropical Green Smoothie recipe: Pegan-diet compliant, great for weight loss, and general nutrition! This smoothie will give you an instant natural energy boost, with only very few calories! All the ingredients contained in this Green Smoothie will support your body in its natural detoxifying processes and are helpful in speeding your digestion and … Read more