Nordic Walking Improves Functional Capacity in People with Heart Disease

Researchers identified a greater increase in functional capacity, the ability to perform activities of daily living, as a result of Nordic walking in patients with coronary heart disease compared to standard high-intensity interval training and moderate-to-vigorous intensity continuous training. The results of their randomized clinical trial are published in the Canadian Journal of Cardiology. Cardiovascular … Read more

1 in 7 People Had Lyme Disease and Didn’t Know It, Study Says

By Chris Melore The summer season is also tick season in many parts of the world, and a new report finds many people may have contracted tick-borne Lyme disease without even realizing it. Researchers estimate that over 14 percent of the world’s population has had a case of Lyme disease due to contact with a … Read more

“Horrifying” – Researchers Find Microplastics in Lungs of Living People

By Julia Conley Less than two weeks after scientists discovered microplastics in human blood, a team of researchers in the UK said Wednesday that the tiny particles have also been detected in people’s lungs. Researchers at the University of Hull and Hull York Medical School analyzed lung tissue from 13 people who were undergoing surgery … Read more