Astragaloside IV inhibits the progression of liver cancer.

PMID: Am J Transl Res. 2022; 14 (3): 1551-1566. Epub 2022 Mar 15. PMID: 35422920 Abstract Title: Astragaloside IV inhibits the progression of liver cancer by modulating macrophage polarization through the TLR4 / NF-/B / STAT3 signaling pathway. Abstract: AIM: The purpose of the present research was to investigate the effect and mechanism of Astragaloside … Read more

The results of network pharmacology and experimental validation suggest that gingerol derivatives and compound gingerol can act against liver cancer.

PMID: J Pharm Pharmacol. 2022 Apr 16. Epub 2022 Apr 16. PMID: 35429380 Abstract Title: Prediction of the potential mechanism of compound gingerol against liver cancer based on network pharmacology and experimental verification. Abstract: OBJECTIVES: To explore gingerol’s potential mechanism for treating liver cancer using network pharmacology and molecular docking technology and to conduct in-vitro … Read more