Your mood depends on the food you eat

Diet and dietary practices differentially affect mental health in young adults versus older adults, according to new research from Binghamton University, State University of New York. Lina Begdache, assistant professor of health and wellness studies at Binghamton University, along with fellow Binghamton researchers, conducted an anonymous internet survey, asking people around the world to complete … Read more

The Holy Grail of Radioprotective Food Compounds

By Sayer Ji Could the melanin found in our bodies and in foods like mushrooms help to mitigate the increasingly dire quantities of radiation we are exposed to daily? Over the course of the past decade, one of the most interesting concepts I have run into while scouring the biomedical literature is the possibility that … Read more

The Dutch Farmers’ Protest & The War On Food

By Kit Knightly This week, tens of thousands of farmers have gathered from all across the Netherlands to protest government policies which will reduce the number of livestock in the country by up to a third. In a typical example of media weasel-wording, the press reports on this all headline something like “Dutch farmers protest … Read more

Plastic Food Packaging and Containers Contain Chemicals Causing Cancer, Infertility, Gene Mutations

By Study Finds Plastic food packaging and containers can contain hundreds of chemicals which increase the risk of developing cancer, infertility, and gene mutations, a new study warns. The wrappings had 388 individual “substances of concern,” including 352 known to be carcinogenic, mutagenic, and toxic to reproduction – which scientists call CMRs. Another 22 were … Read more

The Everything Shortage – Global Food Shortage and the World Economic Forum Davos 2022

Total0 0 0 0 Like Share via Facebook Twitter Email WhatsApp By Bjorn Andreas Bull-Hansen A global food shortage is predicted to set in 50 days from now. Meanwhile, a new world is being drafted at Davos 2022 by Klaus Schwab and the so-called elites. 0:00 – Intro 0:20 – Food shortage 3:00 – Ukraine … Read more

Genetically Edited Food – The Next Stage of the Great Reset?

By Kit Knightly The Queen’s Speech was interesting this year. For all the people outside the UK who don’t understand what the “Queens Speech” actually is, it’s a farcical state occasion in which the Queen (or, in this case, Prince Charles since her majesty is ill / secretly dead / having “ mobility issues ”) … Read more

Destroying Food to Fight Climate Change Is Madness — and a Conceit That Could Prove Fatal

By Jon Miltimore On Earth Day, a 50-year-old environmentalist and photographer from Colorado named Wynn Alan Bruce lit himself on fire outside the US Supreme Court. Friends of Bruce, who subsequently died, said he was worried about climate change. “This guy was my friend,” said Kritee Kanko, a senior scientist at the Environmental Defense Fund. … Read more