Maple Mustard Smoked Salmon (Flavorful + Flakey)

This maple mustard smoked salmon is tender, flakey, and full of flavor. Marinate the salmon filet in a simple mustard marinade, smoke the filet, and you are all set to serve this maple mustard smoked salmon as an appetizer or the main dish. Delicious Maple Mustard Smoked Salmon This smoked salmon recipe is the sister … Read more

Flavorful Chicken Brine – Fit Foodie Finds

This simple, classic whole chicken brine gives you the juiciest, most delicious whole chicken you’ve ever tasted. We’re using this chicken brine to brine our incredible grilled spatchcock chicken, but feel free to use it on our smoked whole chicken or oven roasted spatchcock chicken. Our Go-To Whole Chicken Brine Don’t let the words chicken … Read more